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Whirl Islands is a Pokemon-based role-playing game that provides you an opportunity to journey with your partner. Along the way, an Admin or RPG Moderator will guide you as your opponent, gym leader, your friend or a wild Pokemon. We also provide a place to introduce yourself, talk about anime, and how to perfect that one team in your Pokemon games. So, try your best, and become a master of the sea!











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Feb 22 2011, 07:43 PM

OK so I found a new naruto RPG and I just thought I would let you all know
Jan 19 2011, 05:46 PM
Basically a post to say what you did and how your day was. I thought it would be nice.

Well today I had two more midterms, and I had an orthodontist appointment. It wasn't such a bad day I played football just a little bit ago. biggrin.gif
Dec 21 2010, 02:47 PM
Aninate and Charmander had been walking for some time after the events of their last battle. After a while longer they saw a lake just over the hill. "Charmander how about we take a break?" Charmander happily jumped. They ran up to the lake. Aninate pulled out his pokeballs and called out all of his pokemon. After they all appered Aniante said "Well everyone were gonna rest here for a while and relax." All the pokemon let out a yell of approval. Ainate sat his bag down and sat down to relax while his pokemon played. After sitting for a while Aninate heard somthing approch him from behind as he turned he saw a fisherman "Hello Aninate said." "Good day" replied the fisherman"The names Paul, are you hear to fish too?" Paul asked "No" Aninate replied "Why not" asked Paul "I don't have a fishing rod" "Oh i see" said Paul "Well you can buy one in the next town over then stop by again and ill teach you how" "OK i will." said Aninate "See you around then, oh and watch for trainers on your way they might want to battle you." "I'll be ready for them" Aninate called back as he was returning his pokemon to their pokeballs. After Aninate had left the lake he saw a boy walking down the road with pokeballs on his belt "A trainer Aninate whispered to Charmander maybe he will battle us." Aninate the went to Approach the boy.
Dec 13 2010, 05:43 PM
Aninate had been walking for somtime after his battle with Bulbasaur when he had entered the Everblue Forest. At that time he remembered that after the battle with Bulbasaur Charmander had been badly injured. Aninate got Charmander's pokeball from his belt and called out Charmander. "How are you feeling Charmander?" Aninate asked. Charmander let out a weary cry "Well then lets get you fixed up" Aninate said as he pulled the familiar blue spray bottle from his pack and sprayed Charmander's injuries. Just then Aninate saw some people run by him walking with their pokemon. "Hey Charmander how would you like to start walking with me instead of inside your pokeball?" Charmander let out an excited yell. "I'll take that as a yes" Aninate replied. As they began to walk Aninate heard a sound off in the distance. "Lets go check it out Charmander." Said Aninate as he rushed off in the direction of the sound he had heard.
Dec 10 2010, 06:25 PM
Aninate walked through Route X03 reflecting upon his recant victory over Edge and how he and his pokemon had became stronger. As he was walking he began noticing that it was quite a beautiful area surrounding him. He stopped at the sight of a giant flower that apered to be about to bloom however when he tried to smell the possibly budding flower it jumped at him. "What is that" Aninate said as he fell back and scrambled for his pokedex.
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