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 Posted: Nov 7 2010, 04:02 AM


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As with any message board, this one has its rules that we require all members here to follow. Should you choose to follow these rules, it's unlikely there will be any problems between you and the staff here, but by ignoring and breaking them, you'll be causing some unnecessary friction between us. Basically, just do your best and follow the rules of this board and we all will be fine.

Breaking any one or combination of these rules will result in a warning.

You must read, understand and follow the rules in every and any area of these boards.
Different forums have different rules. Check the stickied topics in a board to see if it has a rules topic. You will be expected to follow by the rules in all areas of these boards. "I didn't know" will not be a sufficient excuse for not following the rules and not getting a warning. Know now that you will be expected to know them.

Search before you create a new topic.
It is required of all members to search before they create new topics in order to avoid reposting an existing topic. These topics would only be deleted by the staff members. By searching beforehand, you can avoid going through the trouble to make a new topic to only have it closed. The link to the search feature is here:

No spamming.
'Spam' commonly stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. It is used to describe posts and topics that have no purpose, are off topic, or are better off not posted at all. Posting of spam here will not be tolerated and may be deleted.

Concerning Trolls.
A troll is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response. Another reason for trolling could be to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. Whatever the case may be, the best thing to do is just to report someone who is trying to troll. We recommend members against trolling. Depending on the circumstances, you may be punished for trolling.

One forum account per person. Duplicates are not allowed.
Only one forum account is allowed per person. You are not allowed to have an extra or several extra accounts that you access these boards with. Creation and/or use of duplicate forum accounts is likely to earn the owner of the account a permanent ban from these boards.

You cannot share your forum account with anyone else.
I don't care if it's your mom, brother, or even the pope. Keep your password to yourself. If someone wants a forum account, then they can make one themselves.

No ban evasion.
Evading a ban, or getting around the ban that you originally earned by breaking the rules in some way, or by getting around your blocked access to these boards in order to continue to post here. We do not ban you only so you will be allowed to come back and post on a new account. If you attempt to evade a ban, your new account(s) will be banned and an extension or a permanent ban will be placed on your first account, depending on how many accounts you had made.

No flaming.
Flaming is insulting members in any way, shape or form. It will not be tolerated on these boards. Treat your fellow members with respect. If you have a problem with someone, let it go. Fights over the internet are hardly worth it. Leave the person alone, ignore them. Use of any derogatory terms that involve sex, religion, or race will not be tolerated.

No swearing.
Swearing is "sort of" allowed here. Our filter will 'handle' swear-words that are offensive. Certain terms like damn, and hell will not be blocked.

No pornography.
Any links, images, or any other ways to post pornography on this board will result in a permanent ban (this goes especially for new members who create accounts only to spam).

No double posting.
You are not allowed to make two posts or more directly after the other in a single topic in areas other than the Writers Corner board (and even in that board this is only allowed if you have new story material to post). Bumping of threads in this manner is not permitted as it causes spam.
[your post], followed by [your post], followed by [your post] = is double/multiple posting and will result in a warning.
[your post], followed by (Someone else's post), followed by [your post] = is not double posting and breaks no rules.

No backseat modding or replying to spam topics.
Alert a moderator by use of the report button (Located in the Top-right hand side of any member's post) to a problem topic or problem post made by a member. Do not reply to the problem topic or post AT ALL telling the member to follow the rules or for any other reason. Replying to spam is just as bad as posting spam in the first place. Read over the rule for 'no spam' if you do not understand what spam is. Leave problem topics alone for the moderators to handle. Replying to problem topics/posts and backseat modding are both things you warnings.

No discussion of illegal activity.
Description or links to illegal acts or topics will not be tolerated. This includes computer-related illegal activity, such as hacks, hacking programs, copyrighted software downloads or anything similar to the things listed above. Do not ask where to download or view something for free if you are meant to buy it in the first place. Asking for hacks of any online or computer game will not be tolerated either. That is illegal.

Discussion of ROMs is limited.
While minor discussion of ROMs and products relating to ROMs is allowed, you may not provide links to download ROMs or say where you got them, nor may you discuss ROM hacking. (This means that yes, discussion of ROMs within an existing topic or a blog entry is allowed so long as you are talking about gameplay, but not issues/technical difficulties regarding the ROM itself. If you want to avoid those issues, you should just buy the real thing.)

Do not mislead or trick people into clicking your signature links or links in your posts.
Signatures that do this will be edited to become more straightforward and a warning may be given. Posts that do this may earn warnings for advertising.

No advertising.
Advertising is not allowed. If you want people to visit your site, put it in your signature. Also, posting sites only to get referals will not be tolerated. Posts that attempt to refer members to outside sites that the poster does not own would earn warnings.

No clubs or clans.
Clubs and clans are not permitted on these boards. It is not necessary to be suggesting for them to be added since this rule is already in place to prevent them. The reason why is that they tend to get out of hand with members posting everywhere to recruit members and to fight wars and such. If you really want to run a clan, it will have to be on your own message board or website, they will never be allowed here.
Try using these resources to build your own clan if you must:
Invision Free
You are allowed to have links to your clans in your signature or avatars relating to them, it is only topics about your clans that are not allowed on these boards.

Thread revival is allowed.
On this board, revival of old threads is allowed as long as there was a purpose in their revival. There is no need to revive a thread if it's an old question that was already answered or a topic that would be better off left alone. This does not mean that you should try to revive any and all old threads that you see. That would be abuse of this rule and would warant a warning for whomever abuses it.

English-only, please.
These boards are for use of English only. Please do not use any other languages than English. This rule is in place as the moderators here use English as our primary language. We cannot moderate languages that we do not understand. Please understand why this rule is in place and if you are not fluent in English, it's recommend that you learn it if you wish to make posts on these boards.

Posting Requirements.
All posts require more than one word. Failure to do so will result in a warning. This new rule applies to all forums and all posts. Chatspeak and emoticons do not count as words; you must use at least two real English words.

No PM (Private Message) Advertising.
PM advertising wouldn't be allowed. I assume that you know what PM advertising means. It means advertising through PM. Advertising your site/forums or anything in these boards or by PM is prohibited. If we caught you or some members reported it to us, then you'll receive a warn then a suspension depending on how many people that complained.

I be lukrin' in your sig @:

It's nice and warm in here isn't it? - Mark
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