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Whirl Islands is a Pokemon-based role-playing game that provides you an opportunity to journey with your partner. Along the way, an Admin or RPG Moderator will guide you as your opponent, gym leader, your friend or a wild Pokemon. We also provide a place to introduce yourself, talk about anime, and how to perfect that one team in your Pokemon games. So, try your best, and become a master of the sea!











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You never grow old, says time.
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Jul 23 2011, 02:30 PM
I just want to apologise to the majority/lack of people who are viewing this forum for my not posting. I have been busy with work and I do hope to get back into the groove of the schedule.

Starting today.
Jun 11 2011, 07:07 PM
Hehe! tongue.gif
Jun 6 2011, 08:19 PM
Victoria came across the sign notifying her that Opal Village was just at the end of this route. Bulbasaur by her side holding the burning item and half her Pokeballs full she was happy with how far she had managed to come upon her journey. She continued walking in fear that the Cyber Grunts were gonna jump out of the first and attack her. She was slightly disappointed that she did not find the egg, but thought it best that she take Zubat to the nearest PokéCenter to heal up.
Jun 6 2011, 05:17 PM
This is a topic for myself but if anyone else were to stumble upon this topic they can use it for themselves. Otherwise I am bored and am in need of something that will keep me entertained. Most times I spend approximately 5 minutes per every website that I found myself frequently visiting and I am tiring of such repetition.

So any recommendation, doesn't matter the blood, the romance, the genre, the rating, the quality. I will watch it, so long as I have the time. Also I do not want a series that goes on forever like Pokemon. Otherwise I will take forever to watch it because the amount of episodes will just daunt and shock my system into not watching it, thus your recommendation goes to waste.
Jun 6 2011, 03:42 PM
An immature title for something slightly important (?) and that's the times and hours I will be here on Whirl Islands. Yeah I am that boring, old person who has to get to business before having fun. Let us just say I ruin the fun before it begins. Now you'll probably never want to visit my blog. Yep! I am tragic. Anyways...

I will be online Saturday and Sunday but not for long and probably at a time most of you will not be online. Monday and Tuesday are 95% guaranteed that you will see my presence. The other 5% I will have most likely been called in to work. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be at work. So I will only likely be online at around 5pm and you guess are most likely in bed.

So how did I do? Did I put you to sleep? If not, Congratulations, you can have this reward for having read through a text so boring it would have put a normal person to sleep! You sir, or lady, are not normal! I even wanted to fall asleep writing the "schedule"!
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