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 Chris's amazing pokemon story.
 Posted: Dec 21 2010, 09:22 PM

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The sun was shinning on this hot summer day, atleast for Chris that is!
Today is the day this boy will get his very own Pokemon! He's been waiting for over a year, and now the time has come.

"Hey mom...what time is?" Asked Chris

"2 hours before they start giving out those silly little creatures, just relax ill wake you up on time, or you could take a shower to get ready." Suggested Chris' Mom

"Those creatures?, mom they're Pokemon! they mean something in this world! Don't think they're useless little pets like Giddy!" Shouted Chris

"You're taking this a little to far son, just go take a shower" Said Mom

"Fine, whatever" Chris mumbled under his breath as he walk off into the bathroom.

Approxiamenlty and hour later, Chris forgot about Day Light Saving time and was late to get his Pokemon. He still showed up very sad, when a kid in his Math class spoke to him,

"Hey loser, look what i got!" Exclaimed Chester.
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"Cool story bro.... dry.gif " Sighed Chris.

"You didn't get one?" Asked Chester.

"What do you think?" Chris said sobbing.

"Look, i don't really want this Pokemon, you can have it" Chester offered.

"Are you serious? Dude, you don't have to!" Chris said with emotion.

"Yeah why not!" Chester said as he passed the Pokeball.

When he gave Chris the Pokeball Prof. Oak was not happy about it.

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Danzukey Takuto
 Posted: Dec 22 2010, 03:10 PM

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Professor Oak saw the two boys talking to each other then seeing one of them handing the other a Pokeball, he saw that it contained a Machop as he walked over to them with an upset look on his face. "You there! What do you think your doing with that Pokemon!? Just giving it away to someone else like that is that what you're gonna do with every other Pokemon you have!? All trainers young and old are supposed to stick by there Pokemon through everything and grow bonds of friendship with them! Do you have a good excuse why you just handed that Pokeball to this boy over here!?" Professor Oak sounded furious but he was trying to be as smooth as possible realizing he was yelling at young new trainers, he should have knowned much but for some reason this time it was unacceptable.

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