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Whirl Islands is a Pokemon-based role-playing game that provides you an opportunity to journey with your partner. Along the way, an Admin or RPG Moderator will guide you as your opponent, gym leader, your friend or a wild Pokemon. We also provide a place to introduce yourself, talk about anime, and how to perfect that one team in your Pokemon games. So, try your best, and become a master of the sea!











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 An adventure awaits!
 Posted: Dec 3 2010, 09:52 PM

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Aninate awoke with a jump and shouts YES! its today, the day i can finally begin my journey. He jumps from bed and procedes to get dressed and walks out of his door with a last goodbye to his mother. As he approches the professors lab he could barely contain his excitement. He opens the lab door and mumbles to himself "this is the first step on my long journey."

 Posted: Dec 3 2010, 09:58 PM

You never grow old, says time.
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The Professor emerged from the back of the Laboratory and brought out with him a tray with three Pokeball's.

"Welcome, Aninate. You're just in time to pick your Partner Pokemon." The Professor put down the tray as Aninate walked forth, trying each Pokeball. Aninate had made his final choice, picked up its Pokeball and called forth the Pokemon.

The flash of white light that erupted out of the Pokeball had morphed into the Pokemon Charmander.

"Congratulations, Aninate, you have your first official Pokemon." Professor Hugh gave Aninate two items.

"This is a Pokedex, records the data of any Pokemon you encounter. And this device, it's a PokeTalk, or Pokemon Talk, it is a device that will allow you to store numbers of people you have meant on your journey. I have my number already stored in for you. I also have 5 Pokeballs and 5 Potions for you."

Ananite thanked the Professor, pocketed the 4 items and walked alongside his new Partner.

[Closed] Move on to your next journey.

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