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Whirl Islands is a Pokemon-based role-playing game that provides you an opportunity to journey with your partner. Along the way, an Admin or RPG Moderator will guide you as your opponent, gym leader, your friend or a wild Pokemon. We also provide a place to introduce yourself, talk about anime, and how to perfect that one team in your Pokemon games. So, try your best, and become a master of the sea!











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 The Journy Begins!
 Posted: Nov 29 2010, 04:59 PM

Trix are for kids :O

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All Nolan could dream about was about to come true. "YES!" he screamed.
"Today's the day today's the day" he said while he was getting ready. Just as he was about to leave "Don't forget your lunch sweetie" "Mom I am 13 you don't need to baby me anymore" he said with a smug look. "Okay just reminding you" his mom said with somewhat of a broken heart. "I can't wait I can't wait" he said all the way there "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?" "A LINE?" YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" he screamed disapointedly "oh well I guess I will wait" When it was finally his turn, he was so excited. "Hello I'm here for my pokemon many are left?"

 Posted: Nov 29 2010, 05:05 PM

You never grow old, says time.
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The Professor looked down at Nolan.

"We have quite a few I am sure you would like. A Houndour, Larvitar or Happiny?" The Professor pointed over to the table. Nolan walked over and chose his Pokemon and picked up the objects that sat next to the table. A strange device and 5 Pokeballs.

"You have a Pokedex, which records Pokemon Data. This Pokedex, however, will tell you the progress of your journey as well. And five Pokeballs, to catch Pokemon, you may restock at any Poke Mart in a city. There will also be a Poke Center, to restore your Pokemon." Nolan nodded and left on his way to his next adventure.


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