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 The Shadow Phoenix rises from the shade
Danzukey Takuto
 Posted: Nov 27 2010, 05:21 PM

The Prince of the Shade
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It was nice today, a beautiful landscape of Circuit town covered in shade keeping the sunlight from beaming on Danzukey. The temperature nice and cool like he loved and even better, it was raining Danzukey's favorite weather. Was this history? Danzukey knew he wanted to start off on a journey and already his day was going good. Danzukey looked out of his window smirked, then got dressed smirking.

"Excellent, look out world...The Shadow Phoenix will rise once again from the ashes! First I have to get my Pokemon first then my journey will begin as the greatest Pokemon warrior ever!" As Danzukey walked out from his house he smiled seeing the laboratory that all the new trainers went to, to recieve there starter Pokemon of course. A smirk grew on his face as he stepped in the long line going inside the lab, he knew he wanted a Pokemon but didn't want to cut because that could cause a few consequences and problems, for once Danzukey was trying to act like a good boy. The line moved slowly and slowly, the rain weeping from the heavens soaking everyone who brought an umbrella, Danzukey had no umbrella and allowed the drops of refreshing water fall onto his white skin. He hated how everyone hated the rain he was the only one who really liked it.

As the line shortened Danzukey was only a few people behind the inside of the laboratory, he was getting excited. But as it was his turn Danzukey's eyes widened as the professor shrugged his shoulders with no Pokemon!! "What!!? What do you mean your out of Pokemon!!? Your a Pokemon Professor! You should have at least one more Pokemon in stock!"

Im sorry young man but were all out of stock! Im sorry how about coming by tommorow? I'll get a brand new supply of Pokemon and I can give you one tommorow." Danzukey gritted his teeth but hey! It would only be one day of waiting, so he sighed shrugged his shoulders and came home. Later that night Danzukey lay in his bed but still awake, the reason was coming from the Pokemon lab. He heard constant howling. Intruiged Danzukey snuck out of his home and spyed through one of the windows of the Pokemon lab with a dusgusted look on his face. He saw the professor with a load of Pokeballs! He was sitting there wiping dust from them showing that they had been there for ages. Under his breath to not alert anyone Danzukey muttered.

"That greedy old fart! I want to wring out his neck like a dish towel!" But Danzukey's eyes showed happiness as the professor released a Pokemon from one of the Pokeballs, it was like a dog with night black fur, multiple silver armor like plating all over it's body and a small helmet also. It had deep orange eyes with a stubby tail, black nose with a tannish brown snout, and had two fangs jutting out of it's closed mouth. Danzukey smiled with a grin seeing that it was one of his favorite Pokemon!

"Perfect! That Houndour is mine! Now I just gotta wait for the old man to wander off and it's mine!" The professor was grooming the Houndour with a brush until Danzukey thought of a simple plan, he picked up a hefty rock and tossed it to a small tree nearby, as the rock slammed into the trunk it gave a loud thud! This startled the professor thinking it was a Pokemon thief as he dropped the brush and ran outside. But what he didn't know was that the thief was sitting by his window the whole time! As the professor ran outside Danzukey smashed through the window and the Houndour's and his eyes met. They both seemed to respect each other for if not the Houndour probably would have attacked him.

Danzukey chuckled picking up the Houndours Pokeball then letting it sniff his hand, after so he started scratching it behind the back of it's ear the Houndour seemed to enjoy it. "Say little fella ya wanna come with me? We'll have all sorts of fun!" The Houndour began to smile as Danzukey clicked the button on it's Pokeball, absorbing the black dog into the sphere with a white light. He smirked as he put the Pokeball in his belt clip and turned to see a little red device, it was a Pokedex! Danzukey smirked as he walked over and picked it up he took it then released his Houndour to check it in his Pokedex. "I'll take this as a sorry gift for keeping me from taking a Pokemon, let's see your abilities Houndour. But first I'll nickname. It says in the Pokedex your a male so I'll call you Grimsy! Oh...what's this!? Your moves are Howl, ember, and Leer...excellent. Let's go. The professor walked back into his room seeing Danzukey with his Houndour putting the Pokedex away. He had no choice but to bring force to escape.

"Grimsy! Ember pronto!" The Houndour opened his mouth releasing a flurry of red spheres hitting the professor giving Danzukey and his Houndour the scoop, the both hopped out of the window and started running. But as they escaped Danzukey fell to the ground, he angrily got up to see his two life long friends, Jaro and Jordan. He got up wondering why they were out here now.

"Guys what are you dong here!?" They both looked at Danzukeys new Houndour then to themselves then back to Danzukey. " Dan Dan...We were umm....Trying to steal a Pokemon cause that professor didn't give us any!" "Yeah!...Hey is that Your Houndour?"

Danzukey chuckled and smirked at them both. "That's right, this is my new Houndour, I stole him from the professor cause he was being greedy not letting me get a Pokemon and he has shelves full of Pokeballs! Hey guys, listen...come with me..on my journey we can be friends forever I will get your Pokemon from the lab also, We will make our own organization! I can be the leader you guys can be my umm.....Grunts I..I...I mean second in commands! What do ya say? If you accept my offer...then follow me to the lab.

Danzukey ran back to the lab with his Houndour behind him, Jaro and jordan turned to each other, smiled then nodded both running behind Danzukey. Back at the lab the professor just got up shaking his head from that last Ember attack. Danzukey and his friends were right behind the wall he was lying on. "Grimsy! Use Ember to bust through the wall!" The Houndour growled as he fired a series of small flames at the wall destorying it and sending the professor flying once again. He got up angrily seeing Danzukey and his friends.

[COLOR=gray]"Hey! That houndour is mine! Mine mine all mine!"
Danzukey's eyes turned from there normal forest green to bright Cyan blue with a small black pupil, his lengthy blond hair turning snow white as he gave the professor a glare. "Grimsy...shut him up with Leer" The Houndour gave a intimidating glare at the Professor who shook of fear, Danzukey quickly grabbed some duck tape and binded up the scientist also covering his mouth with it. As him and his friends walked over to the shelves of Pokeballs Danzukey took out his Pokedex and put it over each ball, the Pokedex brought up the Pokemon within each sphere letting his friends see which one they want.

Jaro looked confused seeing Danzukey's hair turn white and eyes turn Cyan blue. "Danzukey....what happend to you!?" Jordan chuckled seeing how Jaro did not know instead of giving Danzukey the trouble, she spoke for him. "He must have nevertold you, Danzukey was born on a full moon you see. But that is not the only reason for this, when his mother was pregnant and giving birth the Pokemon Darkrai appeared in the hospital room and just before giving birth, gave Danzukey a "Nightmare" While still being developed. No one knows how this was possible but this almost killed Danzukey. When he was born he had some of the same features of the Legendary Pokemon. Bright Cyan blue eyes, snow white hair, and his heair also lengthened a bit. But turned to his normal features, it is said that Danzukey was inherited with some of Darkrai's traits so technically, Darkrai could be a father figure to him. This is why he always had a chill of cold wind whenever you walk near him. You obviously know of Danzukey's two nicknames correct? The first is the Prince of Shade...the last one is the Shadow Phoenix."

Danzukey chuckled turning his head to Jordan thanking her for saving him the trouble, Jaro nodded as Danzukey continued moving his Pokedex from Pokeball to Pokeball, Jordan happily shouted. "Ohhh! I want that one Dan Dan!" Danzukey smirked as the Pokemon imaged on his Pokedex was a Ekans. Danzukey picked up the Pokeball and handed it to Jaro, now it was Jordan's turn as he continued searching. Jordan squealed of happiness. "OHHH Danzukey-Kun! I want that cutey!" Danzukey smirked as a Seviper imaged up on his Computer and gave it's Pokeball to Jordan also. As he closed his Pokedex Danzukey turned to them both.

"I'll tell you a bit about those Pokemon since you don't know what i saw on the Pokedex, Jaro...your Ekans is a male and the moves it currently knows are Wrap, Leer and Poison Sting. Jordan, your Seviper is a female and it only knows Wrap. Good now that that is over let us go." Jaro laughed as jordan squealed. "Ekans! I'll name you Orochimaru!"

Seviper-chan! I'll call you Manda!" Danzukey nodded at the two of them as he pointed at the wall. "You two really need to be more calm and cool like me...Grimsy! Let's get outta here!" Danzukey's hair and eyes returned to there normal color as everyone ran outside and started running away from there home of Circuit city. Not before writing quick sticky notes to there families and sticking them on the refrigerator they all said the same thing.

Dear Mom, Dad

Im going out for an adventure of a life time, don't worry about me please I'll return as fast as possible as my journey is over! I already got my Pokemon so I can fend for myself, so cya!"
They all ran hopefully going to the next town to also train there Pokemon.

"Danzukey, why didn't we just steal all the Pokemon in there and leave?" Danzukey chuckled tilting his head to Jaro. "The reason my friend is because....I just wanted the starter Pokemon I never rightfully deserved...besides Im looking for a few Pokemon that aren't there....mostly one in particular."

"What Pokemon will that be Dan Dan?" Danzukey's face showed seriousness as once again his eyes turned Cyan blue and hair Snow white. " My second father, the way it is time I mentioned our organization..... our name is Yoinokuchi, which means Nightfall. Yoinokuchi has a few goals, we are searching for the Legendary Pokemon to capture for ourselves, mainsly Darkrai for myself. Also we will decimate all in our path got it? I'll tell you the rest of our plans once we find a place to rest." Jaro and Jordan both nodded as they let out there Pokemon to run along with them to start growing friendship with them immiedatley.


(OOC: In case you don't know Jaro is a boy and jordan is a girl. Blue text is Jordan, Purple is Jaro, Red is Danzukey and Gray was the professor's.)

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I am the reason you should be afraid of the dark. I am the creature of the night, bringer of shadows, the seeker of darkness, and the prince of the shade. My name is Danzukey, and I am the Shadow Phoenix.
 Posted: Nov 28 2010, 10:44 AM

we have hot staffz
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