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Whirl Islands is a Pokemon-based role-playing game that provides you an opportunity to journey with your partner. Along the way, an Admin or RPG Moderator will guide you as your opponent, gym leader, your friend or a wild Pokemon. We also provide a place to introduce yourself, talk about anime, and how to perfect that one team in your Pokemon games. So, try your best, and become a master of the sea!











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 Unusual sight
Danzukey Takuto
 Posted: Dec 21 2010, 12:55 PM

The Prince of the Shade
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The grunt smirked at the fleeing Charmander thinking it was over until a Pichu emerged from another Pokeball and landed a critical hit on the now fainting Poochyena! The grunt got angry retrieving his fainted Pokemon looking at Aninate and Pichu with a baleful look. "Don't think this is the end you twerp! Dude lets go! Poochyena's fainted come on!" The other grunt nodded ordering his Zubat to use Super sonic sending annoying sound waves to give them enough time to escape, as Aninate and everyone else opened there eyes the grunts were gone. As Aipom hopped onto the head of his regular trainer they looked at them with a smile.

"Thanks for saving my Aipom mister! I promise to be as strong as you one day!" With that the trainer left as Aninate continued walking on.

Charmander grew 2 levels!
Charmander: Level 14
Charmander has leaned no new moves!

Pichu grew 1 level!
Pichu: level 13
It has learned a new move while battling.
Congratulations! Pichu has learned: Sweet Kiss!

Your friendship with Pichu is growing!
Friendship level: 45

Closed please go to your next destination.

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I am the reason you should be afraid of the dark. I am the creature of the night, bringer of shadows, the seeker of darkness, and the prince of the shade. My name is Danzukey, and I am the Shadow Phoenix.
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